(aporia) design and architecture services arises from the association of Pablo Lionti (UBA) and Sabrina Tamashiro (UP), from our confluence in the values ​​that make up the identity of the studio: integrity, empathy and proactivity.

The diversity of our profiles, as well as the differences in our academic and professional training, enriches the approach to each of the study activities with multiple complementary and comprehensive perspectives and approaches.

Thanks to the synergy between those of us (aporia), projects are approached from our great capacity for structuring, analysis and organization and; at the same time, with an intense plastic mastery and formal intelligence. To this is added our productive capacity based on the extensive technological management that we put at the service of the clients and that raises the quality of the results delivered.

We are convinced that architectural processes are only possible through the collaborative work of a conscious team. In this sense, we expand our response capacity through specific associations for the different jobs requested.

In this way, the interdisciplinary and multiscale profile of the study is enhanced, the service we provide is enriched and, therefore, the quality of the finished product.


Graduated from the University of Palermo (2003).

Architect with experience in leading high-performance design teams, site-monitoring and project management in projects of diverse scale.

In her teaching role, she teaches classes in various subjects such as Legal Architecture and Professional Practice and; Applied Physic.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Argentine Technical Ceramic Association (ATAC). She is part of FabLab Argentina in the Parametric Design area.

His career in several of the main studies in the country such as: BMA & Asoc .; It has allowed him to participate in a diversity of projects and international competitions in the areas: residential, commercial, recreational-recreational, governmental, commercial, among others; Allowing you to collaborate through preliminary and project documentation, management, master planning, construction management.

Since 2008 she has been a partner in (aporia) SERVICIOS DE ARQUITECTURA where she specializes in Design Management and Consultancy for projects at the local and international level.


Graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (2007). Architect specializing in spatial configuration through the use of software (modeling and visual programming)

He has experience in leading project development teams and technical documentation for large-scale works, developed in several of the main studies in the country.

In 2008, together with Sabrina Tamashiro, they established the firm (aporia) architectural services where he developed as Design Director. The firm presents itself as an international network of professionals specializing in design, architecture, urban development through which they have developed projects of varied scale in the local and international sphere.

Since 2018 (aporia) has extended its services as design consultants. Attending from the communication of projects, integration of project strategies and the development of parametric design.

Along with his professional practice, Pablo Lionti has taught in educational institutions in the public and private sphere within the project area in subjects such as Architecture Theory, Project Materialization, Architectural Representation, Computer Models, Architectural Project and Urban Design.

A central aspect is the integrative approach of avant-garde computer design techniques with traditional disciplinary techniques, always framing the practice in an environment of strong empathy.

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